Friday, October 30, 2009


Nothing like waking up to water in your basement. Samantha and Charlotte are off shopping and "Big" doesn't want to talk to me. Nope, this is not 'Sex and the City', this is a day in the leif of Bont. I jammed tonight with the legendary T. George McArdle. He is truly a very talented musician who brings out the best in me. This is the beginning of a nice little Jazz band. Due date of 2012. Five songs in three months, not bad. I am dressing as David A. Leifer for halloween, no not really, but yes. This time for laughs, not as an admirer. Why do bad things happen in three's? Why did I lose my hair? Why do Umps suck so badly in games that matter so much? Lastly, how did Doogie Howser end his blogs on his Macintosh? Goodnight, Blog-o-sphere.