Monday, November 2, 2009


Today was bittersweet in a way. Today, I realized why it was that we did not work out, but I also saw why I fell in love with you. Digest that one for a minute...

Did you ever hear a song that did absolutely nothing for you, but when hearing the very same song in a different setting or attached to something of interest, you then realized that you in fact like it? Well, that is exactly how I feel about Pearl Jam's new song "The Fixer". Now, I know that Pearl Jam has not been relevant since Clinton's first term, but their new song did absolutely nothing for me until I heard it attached to a clip of the ALCS between the Angels and Yankees. Something about hearing it during that segment did something for me that when hearing it independent of anything did not.

I saw this morning on the news, a ginormous ship that was comprised mostly of the steel from the Twin Towers. Now, I thought all of this steel was shipped immediately to a junkyard in Germany under tight security. Now, it was made into a ship. That strikes me as odd.

Till next time...

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