Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mechanically Separated Chicken

Those three words really bother me. Especially, when it is the chief ingredient in a piece of food. I read that and picture, well, a chicken being separated from itself by a machine. No thanks....No thanks.

I am a music buff. I love music and recently have started to play music. It's one of my many vices. All healthy and all very, very satisfying. I would name them, but the mystery of The Real Bont is what makes this whole thing fun. I recently read that Steven Tyler is leaving Aerosmith, to which Joe Perry (guitar) came out and said that the band is not breaking-up, but rather looking for a new lead singer. OK, Joe. Aerosmith sans Steven Tyler is like The Rolling Stones with someone other than Mick behind the mic. No Steven Tyler = No Aerosmith. It's that simple. Here is a band that partied as hard and as careless as any other band in the world for years, until they made a pact to go clean and sober together in 1986. Amazing and apparently successful until recently, when it was rumored that Tyler was hitting the sauce with such propensity that some were trying to check him into rehab . This could be the reason why as quickly as he said he was pursuing a solo career, came on stage live with Joe Perry the other night and proclaimed that Aerosmith was going nowhere. Dude, make up your mind and 'just push play'.

I'm do what? I may tell you next time...


  1. Hah, like Axl Rose thinking he's Guns and Roses on his own? No Slash, no GnR.

  2. I'm more concerned with this mechanically separated chicken....where does one find that? Or is ALL chicken mechanically separated? Dude...find out! I can't believe you've left me mechanically hanging here...

  3. Didn't mean to leave you mechanically hanging! It is gross and I don't believe that ALL chicken is prepared that way. At least, I hope not...